Coal Island - Te Puka Hereka

The Tied Anchor Preservation Ark

Te Puka-Hereka Island, translated means The Tied Anchor, and is commonly known as Coal Island.

Situated in Fiordland National Park, south of Milford Sound, Coal Island (1163 ha) lies in the entrance to Preservation Inlet, between Puysegur Point and Gulches Head.

Mission Statement

To establish and fund a world class sanctuary on Te Puka-Hereka for rare and endangered native species of flora and fauna that will be jointly developed by private philanthropists, corporate and government participants.


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Projects / Restoration

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The Trust

The South West New Zealand Endangered Species Charitable Trust was established in 2004

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Endangered Species Planned Introduction


Island given  pest free status 2006.

2012 our first relocation of endangered species,

 – Haast Kiwi. We now have 29 breeding birds on the Island and chicks are expected to of been born this breeding season. Harvesting the chick to increase the gene pool is set for 2017-2018

2014, June Robins were re introduced to Coal Island followed by Mohua- Yellow heads in October.




  • Sea birds
  • Yellowhead (Mohua) Introduced, Oct 2015
  • Robin (Toutouwai) Introduced, July 2015
  • Kiwi (Brown or Little Spotted) Introduced 2009.


  • Tuatara
  • Gecko


  • Mistletoe (several beech varieties, Peraxilla tetrapetala and colensoi and Alepsis flavida)
  • Orchid (Drymoanthus flavis)
  • Sand Spurge (Euphorbia glauca)
  • punui (Stilbocarpa lyallii)
  • Water Milfoil (Myriophyllum robustum)