Date: Monday, 28 August 2006
Posted by: Coal Island
Tags: stoats

After 6 weeks of pre-feeding, the 130 stoat traps in the project area were set during the first week of August by a team of volunteers and DOC staff. The results were outstanding with a total of 35 stoats being trapped - 21 of these on Coal Island and the rest on the adjacent "stepping stone islands" and the mainland.

DOC staff monitored a number of aspects of the program such as trap station type (wooden or mesh enclosure), the positioning of baits and types of baits used. Analysis of results to date indicate that the bait take was estimated to be as high as 95%, which in turn should result in a high capture rate.

While we may not have removed all of the stoats from the project area, the success of this work marks a significant step towards achieving the Trust’s goal of clearing Coal Island of introduced pests and predators.